How To Get Relief From Tinnitus

What Should I Do if I Have Tinnitus?

Evaluating your hearing and tinnitus needs is our primary goal. At the Hearing and Tinnitus Center, patients start their journey to relief by undergoing a Comprehensive Audiologic Evaluation and Tinnitus Evaluation. This evaluation is designed to detect any underlying hearing loss and collect subjective data regarding the pitch and volume of your tinnitus. Based on the result of these assessments, our audiologists will create an appropriate treatment plan customized for you.

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What Testing is Included in a Tinnitus Evaluation?

Our two-hour Tinnitus Evaluation includes the following:


  • Standardized tinnitus questionnaires
  • Standard and High Frequency Audiometry
  • Immittance Testing
  • Otoacoustic Emissions
  • Pitch-Matching
  • Loudness-Matching
  • Minimum Masking Levels
  • Loudness Discomfort Levels
  • Residual Inhibition
  • Individualized counseling based on results
Occupational Hearing Loss Prevention

What Types of Tinnitus Treatment are Available?

Currently, there is no medical ‘cure’ for tinnitus. Available management options cannot repair any underlying damage to the auditory system nor are they used to fully eliminate tinnitus. Instead, these options are used to reduce the emotional burden of tinnitus by changing your reaction to this sound over time. The needs of each tinnitus patient are vastly different therefore each patient is encouraged to create their own “Tinnitus Toolbox” filled with useful coping strategies and sound enrichment options. At the Hearing and Tinnitus Center, our audiologists are specially trained to work with the following tinnitus management options:

Combination Devices: Devices that target both hearing and tinnitus needs. Amplification is used to enhance your hearing and grant better access to surrounding sounds while other built-in programs are designed to mingle with your tinnitus.

Ear Level Maskers: For those patients who do not require amplification but are still bothered by tinnitus, ear level maskers are available. These devices produce various low-level steady-state sounds including brown, pink, and white noise that can be used to reduce the perception of tinnitus.

Desyncra: A customized neuro-modulated therapy designed to change the patterns in tinnitus neuronal networks and reduce the distressing symptoms, including tinnitus loudness and annoyance. Its recommended use is 4-6 hours per day for at least one year.

Sound Pillow: An option for listening to sound at night when tinnitus may interfere with falling asleep.

Neuromonics: A customized medical device that matches your hearing and tinnitus profile. The Neuromonics device is generally used for about 2-4 hours per day or when the tinnitus is present and bothersome. Typical treatment timeline occurs over a six to nine-month period.

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT): A treatment that combines use of sound therapy devices and directive counseling to neutralize the tinnitus signal. TRT is primarily focused on reducing the tinnitus awareness and further reducing the perceived tinnitus disturbance. This option has been widely researched with a consistent success rate.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Led by a psychologist or other specially trained mental health provider, CBT is a targeted therapy challenging the negative thoughts, ideas, behaviors, and/or mindsets that develop around the tinnitus. It is focused on reframing how one thinks and feels about their tinnitus and over time, training the tinnitus patient to acknowledge but release the negative thoughts stemming from their tinnitus distress.

Relaxation Techniques: Tinnitus may be triggered by fluctuations in stress and anxiety level. Therefore, engaging in stress reduction activities that target stress reduction such as yoga, mindfulness, guided imagery, and deep-breathing exercises may also result in a more relaxed state of being and a decreased perception of tinnitus.

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