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Your first hearing aid follow-up has arrived. Perhaps you have owned your hearing aids now for two, three, or even four weeks. You are getting into the swing of things. Inserting your hearing aids may now feel like a small hill rather than a steep climb. If it still feels like the latter, that’s okay too. You can discuss ways to make this easier with your hearing healthcare provider.

Reflect back over the past few weeks – how did you do on the telephone? When you went out to dinner with your friends? The answers to these questions will serve as talking points and will guide your audiologist as to which settings, if any, need adjustment. Hopefully by this appointment you have tried your hearing aids in a variety of different settings and you can provide the audiologist with feedback for each experience. If you are having trouble with your Bluetooth connection or simply want to review the functions of your smartphone app, now is the time to talk about it.

At this appointment, verification measures should be done to confirm the settings are appropriate for your ears. This is called a real-ear measurement. It entails placing a tiny microphone into the ear canal and then measuring the output of the hearing aid in your ear. Results from this test will further help your audiologist to tweak your settings. Don’t be surprised if you are also asked to complete a hearing test with your hearing aids on. This is just another to verify your hearing aids are working optimally!

As you progress in your hearing aid journey, there may be more questions, more situations, and more insight to shed light on. When things come up, do not hesitate to contact your hearing healthcare provider. Your audiologist is here to support you and provide assistance whenever it is needed. And before you know it you will be a hearing aid pro!

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