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You’ve completed a hearing test and decided upon the most suitable hearing aid. Now the day has arrived for your hearing aid fitting. Today marks an important milestone in your life: Reintroduction to the hearing world!

Your hearing aid fitting appointment may come with some apprehension or fear of the unknown. Or you may be ready to take in this experience with your new technology. Whatever your feelings may be, keep in mind that the journey you are about to embark on will be a satisfying and memorable one.

As you arrive at your audiologist’s office, you may be thinking “I hope I remember everything I need to know.” Well, chances are you won’t. But the good news is this information can be reviewed at any time or at your subsequent follow-up visits. Don’t be bashful about asking questions either.

Your hearing devices will be programmed specific to your hearing loss during this appointment. Your listening lifestyle may require the addition of other manual programs. For example, if you frequent restaurants with your friends you may need a Speech-in-Noise program. If you struggle with tinnitus, a Tinnitus Management program should be included in the rotation.

Cleaning and maintenance of the device, battery insertion and removal, and the use of a pushbutton (if your device has one) will be reviewed. This will also be your opportunity to practice inserting your hearing aids with the help of your audiologist. Don’t be afraid to repeat this multiple times during the appointment. Practice makes perfect!

If you have additional accessories such as remote mics, TV adapters, or your hearing aids can sync directly with your phone via Bluetooth, this is the time to pair your devices together. Before the end of your appointment, your audiologist will review the purchase agreement for your hearing aids. Make sure you understand the terms of the warranties, return policy, and trial period. It is crucial that you schedule another appointment within your trial period to check-in with your audiologist. If any issues arise, they can be addressed at this next appointment.

Now, your hearing aid journey really begins….

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