Imagine you are at a summer carnival with your family. You have been looking forward to spending time with them but as you enter the carnival, the melodic sound of the rides and the yelling of excited children becomes cringe-worthy. Before you know it, you are holding your ears and running towards the exit.

What is Hyperacusis?

Hyperacusis has been defined as reduced sound tolerance stemming from increased activity in the central auditory pathway system. The whole world seems like it’s turned up too loud causing normal every day sounds to become uncomfortable and intolerable. It may result in increased anxiety or stress as the person with hyperacusis may become fearful or anticipatory of certain situations. Hyperacusis has the potential to interrupt your enjoyment of social or recreational activities, and may even hinder your ability to perform at work. This condition can turn even a fun activity, such as dining out with friends, into an extremely unpleasant one.

What Treatments are Available for Hyperacusis?

Our Doctors of Audiology understand how this condition can interfere with your relationships, career, and daily life. You do not have to live in fear of sound. Our professional team will assess your hearing condition through a detailed case history and advanced diagnostic testing. Various sound enrichment options will be recommended based on your test results. It is not advisable for someone with hyperacusis to seclude themselves in silence. The real world is a noisy place and we want to help you reconnect to your surroundings!