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Communication is a Two-Way Street

Hearing and Tinnitus Center Picture this - you are sitting in your favorite restaurant. The ambience around you manifests with dimmed lighting, small cozy tables and myriad conversations from people front to back. It is a Saturday night so naturally it is quite...

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Rechargeable Hearing Devices

In a world where almost every piece of technology comes with a charger it only makes sense that hearing aids should fall into this category. Traditionally, hearing aids have been powered disposable batteries that required a weekly change. This method is still...

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The Power of Bluetooth

Many of the hearing aids on the market today offer direct or indirect Bluetooth connectivity to their users. While some individuals believe this feature is an “add-on” or a luxury, it actually serves as a valuable tool that may enhance the hearing aid experience....

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The Effects of Untreated Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is an invisible condition. It cannot be seen by others and it often goes undetected by the person with hearing loss. When hearing is compromised, the brain goes into overdrive to fill in the missing information. Think of it as hearing on a cell phone with...

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